About the Association

The Sugar Valley Watershed Association was incorporated as a 501 c3 in 2001.  The organization was formed to steward Big Fishing Creek, to educate the community about the impact of land use practices on water quality and to engage community members into caring about the watershed.


The mission of the Sugar Valley Watershed Association is to “protect the quality and beauty of Big Fishing Creek to enhance life in Sugar Valley.  We promote awareness and appreciation of environmental issues through education so that the community can make sound choices for a sustainable and ecologically healthy future.”

The Association encourages wise agricultural land use through Best Management Practices (BMP), holds educational events and publishes educational materials such as the newsletter Run and Riffles with the intent of educating and engaging the community.

Designations of Water

All commonwealth waters are protected for aquatic life use as well as a number of water supply and recreational uses. Aquatic life use designations are Warm Water Fishes (WWF), Trout Stocking (TSF), Cold Water Fishes (CWF) and Migratory Fishes (MF).

In addition, streams with excellent water quality may be designated High Quality Waters (HQ) or Exceptional Value Waters (EV). The water quality in a High Quality stream can be lowered only if a discharge is the result of necessary social or economic development, the water quality criteria are met, and all existing uses of the stream are protected. EV waters are to be protected at their existing quality; water quality shall not be lowered.

Activities and uses on and in waters can vary throughout a waterbody (e.g. along the length of a stream), so varying designated uses can be applied to segments of the water body.

Members & Volunteers

We always welcome helping hands during our activities! Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering your time to help improve our watershed! [insert link to contact page]

You are also welcome to become a member and support the organization with your unique perspective! Learn More >>

Watershed History

Learn about our Watershed's history and view photos of our area.

Board Members

Dave Snook (President)
Emily Heggenstaller (Vice President)
Vacant (Treasurer)
Lucy Heggenstaller (Secretary)
Bill Becker
James Harbach
Friz Konieczka
Willis Miller
Justin Snook
Pam Snook
Chuck Sweeny