Welcome to SVWA

Association Overview

The Sugar Valley Watershed Association (SVWA) is a Pennsylvania Non-profit organization comprised of citizens living in or near Sugar Valley.  Our watershed is a two mile wide by twenty mile long limestone valley surrounded by sandstone ridges along the southern edge of Clinton County, PA.  Our area of stewardship encompasses the lands draining into Big Fishing Creek, from its headwaters beyond the eastern edge of Greene Township, to the western boundary of Logan Township.

This stretch of High Quality designated waters flows through a predominately farming community populated by many of the same families that farmed the land when it was carved out of Centre County in 1839.  Beginning in the 1970’s the valley’s high quality soils attracted Amish families from Lancaster, who now own a significant number of farms in the valley.

The western end of the Association’s boundaries include trophy trout waters considered by some internationally known sportsmen’s organizations to be among the top ten trout streams in the country. The middle section of the stream, however, disappears during the summer months into the sinkholes and caverns that underlay the landscape.  Some of that water reappears, bubbling forth from springs that refill the stream channel, cooled and alkalized by the karst limestone geology of the valley floor.


The mission of the Sugar Valley Watershed Association is to “protect the quality and beauty of Big Fishing Creek to enhance life in Sugar Valley. We promote awareness and appreciation of environmental issues through education so that the community can make sound choices for a sustainable and ecologically healthy future.”

The Association encourages wise agricultural land use through Best Management Practices (BMP), holds educational events and publishes educational materials such as the newsletter Run and Riffles with the intent of educating and engaging the community.